The Team

Shaun Bird

Shaun is an “A ” Level Pressure Welder and Fabricator, with over 15 years of welding and fabrication experience and a passion for the creative: Hot rods, choppers, custom furniture and whatever else the imagination can conjure up.

He attained his welding tickets through BCIT, spent many years working in various shops and then in the field, as a proud member of the Boilermakers (Local 359).

Birdman the Welder started as a side-project of sorts, and quickly turned into a growing family business for Shaun.  He now works full-time out of his shop in Delta, B.C., but is also outfitted with the equipment to complete and install jobs on location when needed.


Leanne Bird

Leanne takes care of the administrative side of things at Birdman the Welder and contributes significantly to project design. Every once in a while she’ll get her hands dirty in the shop or join the team on a delivery/install and has played an important part in growing their family business to where it is today.



Josh is a Red Seal welder/fabricator with 4 years of welding experience.
He works part time with Birdman The Welder and is an integral part of the team, steadily battling Peanut for “Employee of the Month” status.



What Peanut lacks in welding and woodworking skills, she makes up for in cuteness and fun! Having your dog in your workplace has been shown to boost morale, increase productivity, and keep workers motivated. This absolutely rings true at our shop.  We love having her here!


What do we do?
How’d we get started?
And more importantly,
how do you run a business with your spouse??

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